Consultations take place in a quiet setting in a private practice in Constantia.  There is plenty parking available inside.

A nutritional consultation will automatically include live blood analysis and will take about an hour and a half. 

You will be advised if you need to take any steps for detoxing or viral issues, vitamin or mineral deficiencies or digestion insufficiency.  

A Blueprint Package will include four consultations, your blood type information, Iridology analysis and identifying your Genotype. 

You will receive a summary of your best and worst foods and what they do for you as well as guidance on your stress management and best exercise. 

 Your blood type predisposes you to certain health risks, your eye colour identifies your inherited health risks and personal weaknesses, your Genotype fine tunes your health profile and together, they give you a blueprint for life with your best food choices, support needs and stress management in order to achieve your full potential while limiting your disease tendencies.


Pricing Structure

Reflexology treatment – R400

Nutritional Consultation R450

Blueprint Package – R1500


Vitamin D – R250
Cholesterol – R25 
Triglycerides – R25
Glucose – R25
Haemoglobin – R25